Seminar - “Reason and Emotion – the special case of an Opera in Torun”

Co-organiser / Name of Participant(s)
Fernando Menis

With its inauguration taking place on last Dec 12th 2015, Fernando Menis shows what his most complex work up to date in the historic UNESCO protected town of Torun (Poland). The CKK “Jordanki” expresses a fusion of old and new through the use and reinterpretation of historical and contemporary materials. With an innovative building method “picado” and a flexible acoustic ceiling, the auditorium is also adaptable to various public capacities, making it one of the most revolutionary works of the architect. Innovation is also present in his research for symbiosis between natural energy and the manipulation of the shape integrated in the landscape, concept put into reality in the two works Menis is currently exhibiting at the Hong Kong Biennale 2015: “Hatching” and “The Humidity Tubes”.

(seminar 12:30-2:00 followed by a post-seminar tour)

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