Double Take series: Double Seminar

Co-organiser / Name of Participant(s)
Zhang/Tang (UK)

Double Take is a 3-day event which examines the pervasive practice of architectural mimicry in the residential real estate sector in contemporary China. The event will explore how this phenomenon shapes the meaning of the home, and its impact on the formation of architectural identities from Mainland China to Hong Kong and the wider Chinese diaspora. Day Three: A series of talks, presentations, and discussion panels, which explores the agency of imitation in China, the preservation of historic identity in Hong Kong, and the meaning of Chinese-ness across the Southeast Asian diaspora. Participating artists/speakers: Ella Raidel / Siyun Tang / John Zhang /Pak Chai / Desmond Sham / Xinyue Zhang / Students of HKDI / Students of University of Westminster

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