Christopher Doyle “Hong Kong Trilogy” Outdoor Screening, Friday 11th Dec 2015

Co-organiser / Name of Participant(s)
Christopher Doyle and Pica Pica Media

「Hong Kong Trilogy: Preschooled Preoccupied Preposterous」 is a story of Hong Kong told by three generations: 「Preschooled」 children, 「Preoccupied」 young people, and 「Preposterous」 senior citizens.
The characters of each generation wonder how to live, here and now. At the end of their journey, they find no answers. What they do find is that they are not alone in asking the universal questions we all share.
After hundreds of interviews, the edited recordings give the film its blueprint for the quasi-fictional narrative that the real person plays as the audience hears (in voice-over) how these real Hong Kong people see the world.


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