Aviary - Sound Installation

Drawing on aspects of containment, chatter, colour, integration and song ‘Aviary’ is site specific music composed by British composer Anna Meredith, designed as 7 short pieces of music to be listened to on headphones.*

Each piece is designed with one enclosure or bird in mind and the audio is designed using sounds of the birds, so each short piece could duet or soundtrack your time with the birds. Scan the QR code in front of each bird to access each birdsong

Sounds were sampled direct by the composer on her visit to Hong Kong for the Biennale and are specifically designed to listen in the aviary to provide a more personal experience, which is a quiet reflective moment in the city. For the Biennale, it is a way of seeing the City and experience of the Park and our internalized experience of being in the city and how people and bird can have a relationship through sound.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10am -5pm

*Bring your headphones or obtain a pair with UABB Biennale staff at the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. 

Song List (with composer’s personal commentary)

1: Flash of Red [1:29]
2: Duet for Rhinoceros Hornbills [1:50] 3: Hanging Out with Macaws [1:36]
4: Speckled Light [1:40]
5: Scratching Space [1:44]
6: Songs of the Grey Parrot [2:08]
7: Lullaby for Pigeons [1:57]